Parental guide to debate tournaments

As a parent of a debater, you'll soon realize that tournaments can be hectic, confusing, and seemingly overwhelming. Still, after a bit of time, the rewards of your child's hard work will show. If you want to help smoothen the path towards a successful debating career for your kid, there is no easier way than understanding and helping with tournaments. If you have a busy job and little time, you can get involved by simply helping your child get to tournaments, whether that's through packing a lunch, or utilizing the busing system. If you want to be more engaged, bringing food and clothes, providing rides, and judging are each fantastic ways to make everyone's lives easier. Even in the littlest ways, your effort and contributions are felt by all debaters the slightest support makes a monumental difference.
If you want to help, but don't know how, contact a coach or captain. We are here for you.